Always going for the win with BiosPlus Responsive CRM®

Always going for the win with BiosPlus Responsive CRM®

Responsive Customer Relationship Management® is new. It predicts tomorrow's success today. Unlocking, combining, analysing and visualising customer data and market data provides valuable data for accurate projections and valuable actions.

  • Are you getting the most out of your marketing and sales?
  • Do you use all available customer and market data?
  • Or do you think that CRM has no added value?

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Custom or standard? Always unique!

Time and again, BiosPlus proves how well it adapts to the business processes of our clients. The unique software enables us to use standard modules to offer solutions that work as if custom-made.

Using our 7-step plan, we will work with you to determine the configuration that best suits your needs. We will also provide you with maximum flexibility for any future developments.

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More possibilities with each module

BiosPlus consists of a wide range of software modules. All modules have been (re)developed together with our users. Always tailored to their specific CRM, marketing, sales and/or service automation needs; applied in all kinds of industries.

BiosPlus gives you the option to select only those modules that fit your business and improve efficiency and return on investment. In other words, no unnecessary software that you'll never use. We have created BiosPlus BSP (Branch Software Packages) from the most common module combinations, with especially favourable pricing.

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In business in no time with our turn-key software packages.

BiosPlus is a standard software with turn-key delivery. So, it always works; no concerns and no risks. BiosPlus consists of a wide range of software modules, focusing on CRM, marketing, sales and service automation.

More and more clients are using our Industry Software Packages. These packages contain industry-specific module combinations. Developing these prefab, so to speak, results in various turn-key software packages. Fully integrated modules, so no need for modifications! BiosPlus will be up and running in your organisation in no time.

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You invest in more business with BiosPlus

Using BiosPlus means investing in results. Revenue that was previously invisible now enters the picture. Upselling, cross-selling or deep selling? It is all within reach. You can start with BiosPlus at any level. The modular software allows users to gradually familiarise themselves with all the possibilities. You only pay for what you actually use. Nothing more.

BiosPlus Flex

from € 19 p.p. / month

Online CRM, suitable for consulting and editing current data, and more. For example, with specific customer properties. Includes calendar management.

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BiosPlus User

from € 49 p.p. / month

Online and offline CRM, including smart sync. Full CRM User software. Extensive user interface options, including order/quote module, segmentation with extensive filters, calendar scheduling and survey options, and access to sales, marketing and service information.

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BiosPlus Pro

from € 89 p.p. / month
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Online and offline CRM/sales/service, including smart sync. Fully dynamic User software, with additional integrated Business Intelligence (BI) module. Including online geographical visualisation and use of sales/service boxes.

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BiosPlus Premium

from € 129 p.p. / month

Online and offline sales/service automation version, including smart sync. Fully dynamic User software, including geographic analysis and system options for the most effective marketing and sales efforts. For example, through our Business Rule Engine for full campaign planning and budgeting as well as automated calendar scheduling for account managers (most efficient route) and/or sales/service box planning.

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Smart add-on services

BiosPlus is very user-friendly. Nevertheless, it can be useful for new BiosPlus is very user-friendly. Nevertheless, it can be useful for new users to take an introductory training course. Whether it is about a particular component or a full training course – whatever you require.We also offer specific training courses for advanced users. We providesales support and technical support for immediate questions.


A step-by-step approach to the core

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Independent & custom-made

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Sales support

Do more with your data

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Service Support

An answer for every question

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About us

BiosPlus is a powerful CRM solution that efficiently determines which marketing, sales and service efforts will help achieve the desired business results.

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About us

BiosPlus is a powerful CRM solution that efficiently determines with which marketing, sales and service efforts the desired business results are achieved.


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